Vortex StrikeFire Review

With the Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot gun scope you can keep both of your eyes open while you aim and shoot. This Vortex gun scope gives you an unlimited field of view.

The StrikeFire is a sturdy shockproof riflescope that was designed to be waterproof to protect the optics in any weather conditions. This rugged StrikeFire riflescope is compatible with flat top AR-15 rifles and is also compatible with standard night vision optics.

This Vortex riflescope is a top of the line, best in class riflescope and is a great buy for your money. This riflescope consistently receives some of the highest rated reviews for riflescopes from satisfied customers.

The StrikeFire gun scope has a unique feature that allows you to increase or decrease the brightness of the dot. And as a bonus, you can change the color of the dot between red and green with just the push of a button. The controls for the Strikefire are on the left side of the sight. The controls are mounted so that the brightness controls are facing toward the shooter. The power switch is facing to the left of the shooter. When the power button is switched to the on position, the sight provides a very crisp red dot. When the power button is pressed a second time, the red dot changes to a green dot. And when the power button is pressed for a third time, the sight is switched off.

This riflescope has a very clear glass and it is also fogproof to provide good vision at all times. The StrikeFire consistently stays on your target and doesn’t move under successive rapid fires.

The StrikeFire is a compact gun scope that mounts effortlessly and with the high mounts it will seamlessly allow for co-witness with front sights. Since the power button is separate from other controls when you switch the power on, the sight comes on using the last brightness settings.

This riflescope provides a decent range of brightness settings for use in daylight or even in the darkness of night. The sight has a six hour automatic shutdown that is serves a fallback just in case the sight is switched off properly.

This gun scope will exceed your expectations. After taking the gun scope right out of box and mounting on your gun, the scope will only need a few minor adjustments to be sighted in for most AR-15 rifles. This scope is a plug and play type set-up right out of the box. The Strikefire is one of the best riflscopes for the money. It is very consistent in holding zero and this scope comes with a mount and magnifier. It is a great beginner scope for anyone who is new to shooting or is a weekend casual shooter.

Some of the features of this riflescope include:

  • Red or Green light option lets you switch colors, and adjust the dot intensity (diameter of 4 MOA), according to the surroundings and viewing conditions.
  • Unlimited eye relief allows for quick target acquisition.
  • Parallax Free Past 50 Yards.
  • Optical 2x doubler provides for more detailed viewing.
  • Waterproof and fog proof with nitrogen purging for reliable work in harsh weather.

Construction features of the StrikeFire riflescope include a 30mm tube which allows for greater windage & elevation adjustment travel. There is also a one piece tube made of aluminum alloy to maximizes strength and waterproofness.

The optics are sealed with o-rings to prevent moisture from entering. This Vortex riflescope is parallax free beyond 50 yards with less than one-inch error closer than 50 yards.

The StrikeFire is a solid riflescope and a great buy for your money. In summary, this riflscope is product that provides an excellent value at an affordable price. You will be extremely pleased if you purchase this scope for your shooting optics.