Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40mm Black Matte Riflescope Review

Some of the best and most popular rifle scopes on the market today is made by Nikon. This wonderful scope boasts Nikon’s innovative adjustment technologies and fully multicoated optical system. The ProStaff 3-9×40 riflescope provides a hunting experience that is superior to other similar scopes that are on the market. Another advantage of the scope is that the price is affordable enough that almost any hunter will be able to own one.

Maximum brightness on any hunt will be ensured from dawn to dusk as a result of the optical system on the scope that is capable of transmitting as much as 98 percent of the available light. Nikon has also made field adjustments much more simple for the average shooter by integrating a turret that is zero-reset directly into the riflescope. All a person has to do is sight it as you normally would. Next, you will lift the adjustment knob that is spring-loaded. Rotate all the way to your “zero” and then re-engage.

Nikon has succeeded in making a person’s adjustments in the field as easy as dialing in all of the subsequent ranges. There is no doubt that all hunters will be a fan of the patented BDC reticle. This enables a hunter to hold “dead on” at various ranges that actually exceed any that were thought possible before. An amazing advantage to any person interested in shooting targets at a long range is provided by the BDC’s special ballistic circles that a person can see through. These ballistic circles also enable a regular sight picture for shots where the target is much closer. In these cases, the crosshair becomes the point that you aim at.

Constant and generous eye relief is one of the best things to increase a shooter’s confidence level. That is the reason Nikon included the ProStaff with 3.6 inches of eye relief. There is no longer a need to worry about severe shooting angles or kickback caused by heavy cartridges after they recoil.

Some of the other features include a quick-focus eyepiece and a housing that is sealed with an O-ring and filled with nitrogen that is fogproof and waterproof. It also includes support for a sunshade accessory that can be used during conditions that are dusty, rainy or bright. It provides enough power to make long shots with a field of view that is very wide. There is a lifetime warranty included with the ProStaff riflescope.


– Length: 12.4 inches
– Parallax setting: 100 yards
– Max internal adjustment: 80 MOA
– Adjustment graduation: 1/4 MOA
– Eyepiece OD: 1.73 inches
– Objective OD: 1.98 inches
– Tube diameter: 1 inch
– Field of view: 33.8 feet @ 100 yards (3x), 11.3 feet @ 100 yards (9x)
– Eye relief: 3.6 inches
– Exit pupil: 13.3mm (3x), 4.4mm (9x)
– Objective diameter: 40mm
– Actual magnification: 3 to 9x
– Reticle: BDC
– Finish: Matte black