Nikon Slughunter BDC 200 For Long Range Scope

General Description
Long-range riflemen will want to take a look at the Nikon SlugHunter Riflescope. With this scope you get the best of both worlds. It offers a 75-yard parallax setting and can be lethal for shots as far as 200-yards away. Coming from one of the top camera manufacturers on the market, Nikon uses its viewing technology in a BDC 200 reticle. This scope also is optimized with the Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology, keeping you in line of your target. And with a 5-inch eye relief, you can be assured that you will be safe with viewing, even with guns with more of a kickback from recoil.

Best Features
The highlight of this gun is obviously the BDC 200 reticle. The center of the target has an open pattern, which makes finding even the smallest targets at a distance much easier. No matter the distance, this reticle is spot on and allows for pinpoint precision.

The hand-turn adjustments are also highly touted for this scope. With the ¼ MOA click-stop moves, you can feel and hear the adjustments being made to your view. This allows for you to get the perfect direction, no matter what conditions you are in.

The multicoated optical of the reticle is also a perfect addition for your rifle. The glass is anti-reflective so that you won’t have to be concerned with any type of glare during your hunt. No matter the time you are out hunting, whether it be morning, evening or midday, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a spot on view that won’t affect your vision.

The Spot-On Ballistic Match Technology is something that is unseen in any other scopes. This is something that Nikon has patented and created for their line of products. And with it, you can find different aiming points with changing distances for your specific requirements. No matter what type of gun or ammo you are using, the Spot-On technology will work well.

– Spot-On Ballistic Match Technology is ahead of its class in terms of quality of vision.
– The optical system makes viewing easy, no matter what time of day it is.
– The 5-inch relief for your eye makes this scope powerful and safe.
– Precision viewing with the ¼ MOA adjustments.
– Moderate price range that in comparison to other scopes.

– A bit heavy, but that added weight seems to be worth it.

Overall, The Nikon SlugHunter Long Range Rifle Scope is a lot of bang for your buck. The precision of this scope is certainly in the upper tier of other scopes, most of which are much more expensive. It also makes viewing during your hunt comfortable and enjoyable. Without having to worry about hitting hit in the head with recoil, or having to squint all day long with reflective sunlight, you can spend more time worry about what matters most, enjoying your time shooting and catching whatever it is you are tracking.

Long Range Shooting Tips for Nikon Slughunter BDC 200

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