Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Scope

Leupold & Stevens began over 100 years ago, producing quality optics for surveyors. During World War II, their focus shifted to optics for military use. Today, their rifle scopes and other products are renowned for their high quality and durability. No matter what their purpose, the Leupold company has been making high quality optics for over 107 years. Founded in Beaverton, OR by German immigrant Fred Leupold, this company is now known for excellence worldwide. Leupold still strives for that same success today, priding themselves on complete customer satisfaction and a high quality product.

Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope best rifle scope
 best rifle scope
One of these products is the Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope. At $289, this scope is one of the best long range rifle scopes in its price category. Its multi-coat lens coatings are a Leupold trademark. The windage and elevation turrets are finger adjustable, making adjustments easy in the field. It is a .30-06 scope with a reticles matched for 180gr loads, with 50, 300, 400 and 500 yard holdover points. Its a 1-4 power 20mm which is ideal for zoning in on the hog of your dreams. Additional features are Leupold’s quality optics, made without lead for better visibility and the lens cover to keep debris away from the lens.

As with any product, there are pros and cons to this scope, many depending on its intended use by the consumer verses its intended use by the manufacturer. This scope is classified as a HOG scope, so the function is intended primarily for hunting. Let’s look at some of the high points as well as address some of the potential problem areas:

This scope comes with Leupold’s lifetime guarantee which assures you that Leupold is backing every scope with their company name stamped on it.

With a total weight of only 11.5 oz, this scope can be utilized without adding extra weight to the rifle. Online rifle scope reviews described the scope as, “light weight and simplistic.” Light transmission is excellent, which makes it easier to see in dimly lit locations. There is also an option for an illuminated reticle.

The scope has no change in POI while changing magnification. Compared to other scopes with similar features, this scope is extremely affordable.

The 1x setting is actually 1.43, which is a significant flaw if you were planning tactical use, but is relatively minor for hunting purposes. Due to this fact, co-witnessing with iron sites would be impossible, as the front site would be extremely blurry.

For its price category, the Leupold 114933 VX-HOG is one of the best rifle scopes on the market. The features and options are equivalent to a scope of a much higher price. Though it may not be right in every situation, this scope serves its function excentally. With Leupold’s quality and lifetime guarantee, and you are sure to find yourself including this scope on several different rifles thought the years.